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- Animal cruelty and carnism (animals as food or clothing)
- Surrealism and body horror

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Domain Severity
freezepeach.xyz Suspend
rainbowdash.net Suspend
shitposter.club Suspend
social.heldscal.la Suspend
woofer.alfter.us Suspend
social.au2pb.net Suspend
gorf.club Suspend
sealion.club Suspend
gs.smuglo.li Suspend
pl.smuglo.li Suspend
unsafe.space Suspend
pawoo.net Suspend
wrongthink.net Suspend
porntoot.com Suspend
ediot.social Suspend
admins.town Suspend
social.tchncs.de Silence
social.targaryen.house   Silence
noagenda.social Silence
noagendasocial.com Silence
anitwitter.com Suspend
anitwitter.moe Suspend
ika.moe Silence
mamot.fr Silence
toot.love Suspend
libertarianism.party Silence
npf.mlpol.net Suspend
mstdn.io Silence
baraag.net Suspend
switter.at Silence
pleroma.soykaf.com Silence
shigusegubu.club Silence
pleroma.cucked.me Silence
masto.quad.moe Silence