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"יום חמישי הוא היום החמישי"

תודה, וויקיפדיה.

tired: digital currency
wired: abolish currency

The far-right governing coalition in Austria has just agreed on raising the working hour limit to 12 hours per day (60 per week). Because the fascists are there for the little guy, you see.

Oops, forgot hashtags. So attempt 2 - here's a guide to those rubbishy #patreon changes and what to do about them!

#gameing #indiedev #creativetoots #art #writing #youtubers #gamedev

(And the toot comes with a tiny antelope this time, just to make it even better!)

i guess you could sell notebooks or something, writers would pay for a lot of those

i mean i get that editing a magazine and printing it and circulating it is no easy task but you know what would make all that even harder? no writers

"call for submissions: submit now and save 25%!"

ain't that some fucking nerve. you're offering me a discount on doing your work for you. and here i thought you should be paying me. what are you, some world famous magazine? nope, i've never even heard of you. wow. fantastic.

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the other one doesn't get along with the other two but she cuddles with me in bed

i have cats everywhere like "omg becci you're up meow meow meow"

ok it's only two out of the three cats but still

Marriage Equality is Legal in Aus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyft is offering free rides for LA Fires evacuees, up to $40. Use code: LASAFERIDES. They will take you to the nearest evacuation center.

I think its fantastic that we live on a planet with creatures that like to be petted. And that our first instinct is to wonder if it will let us pet it. Second instinct is if we can eat it, but hey thats life.

Day 7 for Htoleiþe

I write

related to dutðïmat /ˈdutðymat/, “I scratch”
and dutðïnat /ˈdutðynat/, “I erase”

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