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Your 8:00 update: I'm feeling wholeheartedly bisexual.

hey you

it wasn't your fault

you're wonderful and you didn't deserve that

But only if we acknowledge reality, and work to force our own governments to make this happen. Because right now all they want is to get US mining interests in there. While also screwing over the people who live there as bad if not worse as the Kim dynasty.

And no the people there cant do this themselves, its a brutal autocracy those people dont get a say. But we can use peaceful methods to improve the lives of those citizens.

But none of this can even be started unless we know what and how to pressure our governments and what to pressure them *for*. To do that you need to acknowledge the matereal reality they face.

And none of this would require military intervention or compulsory regime change. All of this can be done via diplomacy and trade negotiation.

And the reactors would solve their energy poverty issue. It would help their people get clean drinking water since water purification needs electricity they dont have, they are running a lot of stuff on portable generators.

You want to have north korea get rid of their nuclear weapons and improve the quality of life for people there? Have the UN offer them PRISM reactors in exchange for disarmament. They can use the old bomb matereal as fuel

This is not some socialist paradise. having said that military intervention would only make things worse, not better. Trump wants to get in there so *his* cronies can profit from the mineral wealth there.

The wealth of the nation goes to the people at the top of the regime and their cronies. Workers there dont own the means of production, the state does. Thats not socialism, thats autocracy and its a hereditary one at that.

Look north korea is in a state of extreme energy poverty mostly exacerbated by their own government. The people there dont have access to clean drinking water (think flint but worse and in most places).

Both the tankies and the capitalists feveror on their particular positions has an agenda and neither one benefits the actual human beings who live there. One wants to uphold the brutal Kim regime and the other wants to replace it with a different brutal regime.

So please for the love of god, stop listening to tankies like Kiran Opal who want to manipulate you into co signing a brutal dictatorship, look at the structures of power involved and what you can do to help innocent people live a better life.

"What's your gender?"

"No, I mean, what's in your pants?"

So far as they are values, the coat and the linen are things of a friend today? it will be okay.

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