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I can't reveal anything yet, but I'm *very* excited about the latest toot I'm working on. Watch this space!


Build reassurance and validation into your everyday language.

Have a domestic disagreement? Verify that you understand why the other party is upset, and say as much.

Offering advice or correcting someone's behavior? Tell them it's totally reasonable to be doing what they were doing, and they're not bad people for doing so.

Get told something you said was upsetting? *Put that person first, and let them know their feelings are valid.*

We need to take care of each other.

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-"but... IF people vote with their wallets and a company has unethical practices, people are free to boycott that company"
- "Vote with your wallet implies perfect information symmetry (ie. consumers knowing EXACTLY what is going on in each company, all the time). You ever heard of a thing called "corporate secret", didn't you?"
- *chirp*

Netanyahu and Likud will forever be associated with the literal Nazis they are in bed with

imagine if all of queer masto had a cuddle party

the proto indo europeans ahd two different words for fart

Just a side-note from todays news:

Naftali Bennett, #Israel minister for education (yes, you don't believe it) thinks that #Jerusalem is the capital of Israel for 3200 years. That's what he sad on the news. Mr Bennet must educate himself first, before continuing as the minister for education. Just check the image (hint: blue is Israel - source:

Why Aren't Millenials Buying Baby Shoes?

(They were never even used!)

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What a US embassy in Chester Bennington means to Palestinians

People often disparage ideas as "just reinventing the wheel".

"The wheel" isn't a concrete thing; it's an abstract concept. Actual physical wheels have specific purposes that are usually exclusive.

Sometimes what's available is a wagon wheel, and what you need is a bicycle wheel. Or just a larger wagon wheel. New implementations are being designed all the time.

That's not "reinventing"; that's re-engineering. There's nothing redundant about it.

...or in other words:

Good morning, Mastodon!

Day 6 for Htoleiþe

I remember (as in a fact; an event; not a person)
lit. "to know again"

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trans culture is taking "trans culture is ____" posts seriously

Despite serious health condition a Nigerian man was deported from #Lesvos to #Turkey under #EUTurkeyDeal
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