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i'm being awarded a $100 poetry prize for this (cw homelessness, poverty, DC, mh, exploitation, sex refs): maryjournal.org/winter2017/the

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as the saying goes, april snow storms bring may humid 70-degree days and cold nights

make public libraries better than for-profit co-working spaces

just went for a walk around the block

no harassment other than from a dog who walked up to me, sniffed, and ran away while continuing to bark at me

wish we could've been friends i wanted to pet them :(

This Is Your Brain on Exercise: Why Physical Exercise (Not Mental Games) Might Be the Best Way to Keep Your Mind Sharp goo.gl/Q5WMqN t.co/tZshJG7K3c

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The Alt-Right Playbook: The Ship of Theseus youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-ArJRqEv

I think this is an important video.

sometimes, when people ask a question on social media that could easily be answered with a google search, maybe it's not so much that they're looking for an answer as to make a connection with other people who are also interested in the subject

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A-Radio Berlin on Twitter

“TODAY (5.5.2018): Grand opening of the first #Anarchist Social Center in #Cuba since the 1950s!#ABRA (Social Center and Anarchist Library) is opening in Havana!Hashtags:#CentroSocialABRA#ABRACubaPlease spread the word and give the comrades some coverage! #Solidarity 🏴🏴”



Domain fronting is critical to the open web blog.torproject.org/domain-fro

Tor is an open network, and all Tor relay IPs are public, which makes it simple for repressive governments to block them all.

Meek is a domain fronting pluggable transport that censored users rely on to bypass these blocks. Since Amazon and Google have blocked domain fronting, only Microsoft's Azure cloud still works, but Tor hears Microsoft might block it next.

Q: How many supply-siders does it take to change a light bulb? A: None. The darkness will cause the light bulb to change by itself.

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@slashzero an anarchist society is one without formal hierarchies that also actively, culturally resists and counteracts informal ones

i think it is possible but requires first a widespread awareness of the nature of the problen