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I wanna make a game sort of like Harvest Moon, but it's not Harvest Moon, and no it's not Stardew Valley either! Just a game where you improve the earth or something and don't kill stuff.

I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places:

I've been trying to incorporate more gay stuff into my other accounts which means i've been posting less gay stuff here, but this is still my dedicated account for talking about queer stuff and also general gayposting.

I'm grey-ace and pretty demi and trans and poly and pan and a lesbian and genderqueer and nonbinary and arguably a demon and a lot of stuff but i try to keep things lowkey

anything you want
boy, i can make it happen
we could fall in love
and i could be your
sweetie, any time of day
boy, i'll be your distraction
we can make it happen
i could be your sweetie

*goes to take a sip of tea, spills it all over herself, thinking about gays*

everyone in my life is cuter and more functional than me 😂😭

i just want to show people how much fun being gay can be ! ! !

*looks around*
*realizes most people would consider me a beauty in vain too*

"how can i properly set up and execute this High-Level Gay Manœuvre"

flirting with me is like playing chess if the goal of chess wasn't to defeat your opponent but instead to come up with and say the gayest most romantic shit possible

one time my ex-girlfriend's sister was like "actually i want to be called Kate" and my gf was like "idk if i should call her Kate or not idk if this is like A Thing or just a thing" and i was like "smdh just call her Kate it's not that hard"

why can't people just call people by the names that they want to be called by smdh

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