For the folks angry at my Linus stance:

Don't bother to @ me with your puerile "free speech"/"LKML culture" arguments. Either:

a) you don't understand basic civil behavior and need to find a kindergarten teacher who offers courses in Basic Civility

b) you're a bad faith actor trying to wear me down

Neither requires nor merits my intervention or attention.

In the last two years several senior OSS folks told me "we're aging out. You're the role model now." Don't like it, but not my choice.

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I give it one month before a geeky pasta cook figures out how to make antignocci.

did you know: you could just not make a roguelite

you could just design levels and make a finite experience with pacing determined entirely by one or more humans

you could totally do that and it would be fine

Brie Larson uses photoshop to respond to people who say that Captain Marvel needs to smile more:

@blackfrog @cocoron ”mixing politics into solarpunk”... I mean, what part of PUNK you're not getting?

New college courses by a neural net trained on the @UCSanDiego course catalog. I would at least read the syllabus for some of these.

The gender today is the smell of leaves burning and sound of thunder in the distance.

The contemporary equivalent to Greek tragedies is horror movies.

I liked the early episodes of The Dragon Prince last night.

"The Protestants threw the Book of Judith out of their bible on the grounds that it wasn’t recognized as authoritative in the Jewish tradition, but the Catholic and Orthodox churches have retained it on the grounds that it’s *metal as hell*."

A mystery show parody where the actors change roles every episode, identified by costume and dialogue.

Except for the victim.

what if batman, but a cute girl, and instead of perpetuating kyriarchy by aiding cops and punching mentally ill people, she did crimes to screw over shitty rich white dudes and help the marginalised, and wait that's catwoman. i'm describing catwoman

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