:drake_dislike: “Chickens are descended from dinosaurs.”
:drake_like: ”Chickens *are* dinosaurs.”

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It seems I have one more niece than originally thought 😃 #trans

This walrus has lived in my brain since scanning this book four years ago and I'm unleashing him upon the fediverse

Hundreds of years ago, you were a great warrior and leader of armies with tales of your exploits. Now, you're just one of hundreds of lowly skeletons in a, frankly incompetent, necromancer's army.
#writingprompts #writing

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Want a neural net to finish your novel for you? I wrote a tutorial on using spell.run GPUs to generate D&D spells and bios.
I may have had rather too much fun with the D&D theme. medium.com/@ann_6114/d1e06ebc0

No matter how badly you think your #NaNoWriMo novel is going, at least you're doing better than this neural net.

Facebook Filed A Patent To Predict Your Household's Demographics Based On Family Photos

Facebook’s proposed technology would analyze your #wifey tags, shared IP addresses, and photos to predict whom you live with.

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