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In case you don’t hear it anywhere else today:

I’m thankful you’re here.

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if no one's told you this today I'm here to tell you: you did good.

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when i fav your toot imagine I'm giving you a little high-five or pat of appreciation or a smile if you don't like being touched

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plot twist I'm just five (5) genderqueer lobsters in a trenchcoat

if i dont make sense it's because i am very stupid but rest assured im well-intentioned

the kiddo got her blankie from her room to tuck in the cat :’)

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this is exactly what im talking about. imagine having these glorious horns.

# #cat #cats

i wish i had those cool twisty horns certain goats have i'd be like 20% cooler and could skewer snacks on them to keep when im travelling

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Wiggles needs to stop growing up IMMEDIATELY!!! I will not stand for this cat getting LARGER!!!

enbyphobia is, when i, personally, don't get enough attention

sending all the possible good things out into the universe because there are a lot of sad folks today. A small reminder that u are in fact all wonderful

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