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In case you don’t hear it anywhere else today:

I’m thankful you’re here.

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if no one's told you this today I'm here to tell you: you did good.

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when i fav your toot imagine I'm giving you a little high-five or pat of appreciation or a smile if you don't like being touched

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plot twist I'm just five (5) genderqueer lobsters in a trenchcoat

OMG my 13yrs old cousin announced to my grandma that they might be trans (female to male) and wanna be called by Tom instead of Sophie (not real names 'cause privacy but you get the idea)

My grandma answered " I am learning every day from my little children & I am really proud of you for searching a new path in your life"

4 years ago the sane grandma was homophobic. Everyone can learn, change at every age.

This was the positive post of the day πŸ’–

I am gay and I’m going to kill gravity.

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So I started working last week, but I won't be getting paid in time to make rent, which is due tomorrow if I don't wanna pay an addition $130 late fee.

I'm getting paid on the 21st, and eviction notices are sent out on the 15th if rent isn't paid.

I asked the landlady to email corporate and ask to extend that date for me but she isn't hopeful as they've never made an exception for her before.

I'm $600 short on rent this month because a roomie is moving out and I haven't got anybody set to take their place yet, that's before electricity and water, both of which are higher than usual this month for some ungodly reason.

So I'm asking for help again. Anything helps, and I appreciate the help I've gotten so far so so much. I hate asking, but I can probably pay some back, or forward as the case may be, when I do get paid on the 21st.

Boosts are super appreciated also <3 <3


Every Republican State Representative is like a former dentist that lost their license because they got caught using cement from Home Depot to fill cavities.

blue lives that matter:

blue whale
blue spotted puffer fish
hyacinth macaw
ulysses butterfly
bluestripe garter snake
blue-ringed octopus
carpathian blue slug
blue lobster
blue jay
blue starling
steelblue ladybird
blue crab
blue headed agama
dyeing dart frog
blue dasher
blue poison dart frog
mountain blue bird
eurasian blue tit
blue dacner
ribbon eel
blue man group
blue meanies
all other blue things except cops

Buy your syringes and needles in bulk from veterinary supply companies. They're the same, sterile syringes and sharps. Exactly the same.

this is maybe the most mastodon thing i can possibly wear (selfie, ec)

Suki is sleeping peacefully on my lap, and I dare not move lest I disturb the balance in the universe. Please send a sandwich. I may be here a while.

#dogs #dogsOfTheFediverse #MastoDogs #myWork

let it be known that blini cat has opinions on other foods as well.

also an opinion on no food

another reminder than a lewd is different from a nude and also to please CW if your actual junk is in the picture ty

burying my phone in the earth trying to make my online experience more organic

Pause for a moment and take a few deep breaths.

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