in 3 months, on 4th April 2019, the domain for this instance is going to expire and the instance will go with it

it's been fun but we've skated by long enough on my lax moderation and i can't handle a lot of responsibilities

thank you all for being here, i've enjoyed reading every single one of your public posts. remember it's in 3 months so you can trial other instances at your leisure (and tell us where you move to!). i will post reminders nearer the time


@alice It's times like this that more complete Mastodon account migration would be pretty great, 'cause it makes perfect sense that instances would live and die, and people would move around, but it's far from seamless to do so. Alas! is closing down. Where should I move my personal account to, friends?

@AndyTehNerd Hi there! We have a lovely and cozy community at you might consider. 🙂

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