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my partner is so overwhelmingly genius. i was going to buy them ONE kitten and then they suggested i buy them TEN kittens which is 10x the joy what kind of fool would say no to that

Partner: I want Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman to kiss.
Me: …aren't they from differe-
Partner: I want them to kiss.

Honestly, the addition of functional features to have kept me distanced from state, even in my work, so nicely that I forget just how bad some code written by others can be. Just so many variables changing values constantly that are storing God knows how many different settings with at least three variables at a time dependent on each other to determine a setting and just…barely maintainable.

Video game companies: We scam users with microtransactions for the smallest shit lol, we are the worst

Windows 10 dev team: "Hold my beer"

Yeeesssssessssss; @lizzythenerd's here! An excellent start for the new year.

D'you wind up going the Raspberry Pi route? Or jump on a currently established instance?

Things my partner does while tipsy:
1. Swear fae'll fight someone with a sweater referencing a wall
2. Swear fae'll fight someone dressed as a (creepy) nutcracker
3. Hop on my back and say fae wants to jump the bar counter
4. Point out the trumpet in a song say, "If I were a sound, I'd be the fart"

I think my mother misses small children; she's dressed my sister's dog in pajamas and is now reading children's Christmas books to him while holding him on her lap.

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Also, I'm pretty certain my arm/shoulder's fully asleep.

Update: faer head keeps rolling to the side and startling faer awake and it's adorable. Unfortunately, all of the pillows are under us so there's nothing I can put as support without fully waking faer.

Partner fell asleep on me; pup fell asleep on partner. And I got (part of) my program to work. 'Can't complain.

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