My dad just sent me this picture with just, "He doesn't like the boots, though."

Partner, when faer cat comes into the room: 🎢 Here she is! She's a cloud and we love her! 🎡

Partner fell asleep on me; pup fell asleep on partner. And I got (part of) my program to work. 'Can't complain.

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'Wanted to close one of my Chrome windows and, absentmindedly, hit ⌘q before panicking and bracing for everything to close.

Turns out past-me had prepared for just such a scenario…

My partner's cat managed to get the door open enough to get in just one (1) paw and is confused about how to proceed. She's been doing just this for the past 7 minutes.

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I'll stop taking pictures of her when she stops being so damn photogenic.

(also, it's not visible from these pictures but her bottom lip kept moving slightly from her dream)

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