There's an Illinois grocery Mart that we do most of our shopping from. There's a tad of a nostalgia element, for me, but I also generally find them to provide a great service, they offer delivery (with no delivery fee for orders in a 4-hour slot), and they're unionized.

That said, they definitely are the most expensive of the bunch. I wouldn't mind shopping at ALDI or Target but they do grocery delivery through InstaCart and Shipt (respectively), both of which use a tipping system.

Plus, neither are unionized.

We'd probably save a crap-ton switching to ALDI but, in terms of ethical reasons (not to mention ease-of-use; Jewel's online site is really nicely designed), Jewel easily trumps the other two.

There's not really a point to these toots; just some thoughts I've been having the past few days.

Incidentally, Wal-Mart is cheap and delivers without tips but I will never give them money, if I can get away with it.

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