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@blxckberrying, whispering: I wanna watch gay stuff…
Partner, still whispering, to zir computer, without typing anything: YouTube, show me gay stuff

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Me: Someone was nice to me.
@blxckberrying: *immediately* Tell them I love them!

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I was programming while my husband was doing math homework, so I was thinking about int math and he was thinking about real math. So when I said "5/3=1" I got an enthusiastic "no it isn't."

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After a childhood of consistently repressed Queerness at every turn, getting to inject Queerness into every facet of life and interaction will never not feel resuscitating and euphoric.

I luv betraying the love of my life by progressively bringing home fewer and fewer kitten s

I don't know if it has to do with how/where I was raised but I always really like/enjoy brutalist architecture.

This guinea pig just absolutely goes mad for pear oatmeal for some reason.

Throwback to when my loving partner made us a cake for our two year anniversary. #Feb11

Well, Papa, go to bed, now…it's getting late
Nothing we can say is gonna change anything, now…
I'll be leaving in the morning, from St. Mary's Gate
We wouldn't change this thing – even if we could, somehow…
Now, I don't know…what it always was with us:
We chose the words; and, yeah – we drew the lines
There was just no way this house could hold the two of us –
I guess that we were just too much of the same kind…

Trash Gryphons!
#fantasy #art

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Also, night all. 'Hope you all sleep well or have an amazing day.

Partner update: fae remains adorable and an angel and I love faer.

Every so often, I think back to when I worked fast-food and responded – out loud, audibly spoken – to a customer asking about getting soda, entirely unironically, with, "Yes; I definitely believe I can aid you with that inquiry."

Sometimes I forget that I have a habit of speaking exactly the same way I write.

Seriously, reading documentation is like some Gothic horror. I've found 5 different pages covering the same topic, all with sightly different content. I clicked on a "learn more" link for a page that only mentioned the thing I wanted to learn more about by name and no further information.

I just love services with crappy documentation that flood search results with their crappy documentation so you can't find any instructions on how to use it that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out.

(I'm taking about you, ; doesn't know how to write documentation for anything)

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