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"Wait... something here doesn't look right."
"All of these silver keepsake boxes... they're all filled with pubes."
"Just like you'd expect, of course."
"But this one... This one is engraved in Chinese."
"Holy shit. That is unusual, as normally one would engrave their pube boxes with an English message or initials."

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The movie I'm watching appears to be an erotic thriller written by someone whose only experience with human sexuality is from a cursory Wikipedia search.

Our friends quarantined and came to stay with us for the weekend. It was just so nice. Making fresh breakfast tortillas together. Playing boardgames after every meal. Them schooling me in Hades. All of us cuddling together as we watched Sense8. (My third time, my partner's second, and us just eating up their first-timer reactions.)

Are you Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones? Because, legally, if you're Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones you gotta' tell me or else it's Entrapment.

If you could live worry-free doing any job, what would it be?

Right now I'm really feeling "stationary museum curator."

I may, maaaaaay, have bought a trio of Texas earrings so I can match my internal gender barometer.

Does anyone have good resources for getting started with makeup? Like beginner tutorials and product recommendations?

I keep getting intimidated by both the sheer quantity of products and the amount of work involved. I just want cute lips and eyes, not to apprentice under Renaissance masters until I can mix my own tempera foundation and perfect facial chiaroscuro.

Texas Ice Storm, MH (-) 

I'm still stuck in this stress cycle. I went from full survival panic to immediately having to jump into caretaking a partner dealing with unrelated trauma.

I'm constantly on the verge of tears, even as I smile and sing to keep spirits up. My brief moments of joy keep getting washed away. I'm lonelier than I have been this entire pandemic. My entire sense of being feels as inconsequential and fragile as an onion's skin.

Thank you for listening.

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asking about doctor resources, boosts appreciated 

So here's one. How do you find a friendly optometrist? One who's not gonna be an asshole about your pronouns or make you shell out three forms of ID for no good reason?

Tips on how to do that search are appreciated, or if you just happen to know a good one in the OKC area I'll happily take your reccomendations.

It took me a good six hours, but I was finally able to fix my broken laptop.

Five and three quarters of them were spent trying to clone the previous installation onto its new drive using various tools and pieces of hardware.

The last fifteen minutes was just me realizing I had nothing worth saving that wasn't backed up anyway and reinstalling Windows.

KNIGHT: He chose... poorly.

Indy studies the array of singles.

ELSA: It would not be a compact disc.

Indy picks up a cartridge, a simple white casette.

INDY: That's the jam of a carpenter.

He and Elsa exchange a look.

INDY: There's only one way to find out.

Indy goes to the boombox and slips the cassingle inside, then pauses. Indy slowly presses down on the play lever. A scandalous sensation overcomes him, a feeling of wanting to see that thong thong thong thong thong.

I do kind of enjoy when an unimportant package is insisting it's going to arrive on time like a kid staying up past their bedtime.

"I can make it by 8!"
"Buddy, it's 6 PM and you're in California."
"Look, see, I was just pretending. I'm almost there!"
"It's 7:45 and you just made it to Phoenix. Look, it's okay, I promise I'll let you finish your delivery tomorrow."
"But I don't waaaaaaanna' get sorted in Aaaaaarizona!"

Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who correctly matches their pronoun choice to my internal sense of gender.

At the end of the week whoever has the most points will be allowed to pick out one toy from the toy drawer. It's got all kinds of goodies, like wiggly-armed monster finger puppets, miniature yo-yos and even candy bracelets.

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Well I've submitted the paperwork to Joseph Robinette Biden, so I guess it's time to make it official. I've started identifying as genderfluid.

Any pronouns or identifiers are okay by me, but feel free to default to he or they as that's where my gender does too. (At least for now.)

Selfie, No Eye Contact 

On a scale of 1 to 10, guess who just got a new pair of head holes!

Texas Freeze, Cooking (-/+) 

Granted things are still bad, and it'll be a while before we can get groceries again. The stores are supposedly wiped clean.

Shout out to the real MVP: a half pound block of cheese I froze three years ago and for some reason moved to my new place.

Melting it to top frozen turkey burgers.
Pouring it out of the pan onto bread for "grilled cheese."
Used the last of it today making queso to go with homemade tortillas, rice and beans.

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Texas Freeze, MH (~) 

When there's an actual emergency I jump in and make sure things get done, that we're safe and provided for, and am a fountain of energy and positivity. I've been singing and smiling for days.

But that moment when the threat level drops from red to orange or yellow... I crash hard. I woke up and started sobbing, then just lay in bed sobbing, and just continued doing what needed to be done while feeling burnt out.

Texas Freeze (+) 

Trying my best to offload this freeze stress, to get stuff done so at night we can just relax and stay warm. I've boiled three gallons of water, all cooling in metal jugs so they're ready when we're thirsty or if we need to take on emergency guests.

We've been luckier than our coworkers, just by chance, but we made sure they knew they were welcome here.

I used the last leftover cup of boiled water to make an afternoon coffee, and I'm just hugging my big pink mug for warmth.

Queer Town

A lil' town for me and maybe some friends in the future.