Gosh dangit they're so much cuter in person. Spent all night cutting and gluing and then actually filling these out with a hand-written message, but they're now ready to be mailed whenever I am.

So I've been pondering how to come out to my family.

Group text seems a little tactless.
Voice calls are better, but not great for a group.
Video calls are... I mean no one wants those.

Seeing as how we deal with most of the serious topics in our life with humor, that left just one choice...

Handmade pop-up card.
(Well, at least the design for one...)

I may, maaaaaay, have bought a trio of Texas earrings so I can match my internal gender barometer.

Selfie, No Eye Contact 

On a scale of 1 to 10, guess who just got a new pair of head holes!

Queer Town

A lil' town for me and maybe some friends in the future.