Gender Stuff (+) 

Before I came out to my partner I was wracked with doubt. Am I sure about this? What if I'm wrong?

Now I'm browsing through clothes and I keep picturing myself in them. Seeing my own face on these bodies. I'm literally so overjoyed, so giddy, that I'm actually light-headed.

Gender Stuff Pt. 2 (+) 

This moment hit me, thinking about going to a friend's house for a dinner party. How it just felt like I was just a person wearing nice clothes. Two distinctly separate entities. That was how I approached them, "these clothes look nice."

But now... I put on these clothes and I think *I* look nice. It feels like being a whole. Even just sitting here, in a tee and a skirt, I felt so suffused with radiance, such a sense of one-ness, that I just started bawling.

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