Texas Freeze, MH (~) 

When there's an actual emergency I jump in and make sure things get done, that we're safe and provided for, and am a fountain of energy and positivity. I've been singing and smiling for days.

But that moment when the threat level drops from red to orange or yellow... I crash hard. I woke up and started sobbing, then just lay in bed sobbing, and just continued doing what needed to be done while feeling burnt out.


Texas Freeze, Cooking (-/+) 

Granted things are still bad, and it'll be a while before we can get groceries again. The stores are supposedly wiped clean.

Shout out to the real MVP: a half pound block of cheese I froze three years ago and for some reason moved to my new place.

Melting it to top frozen turkey burgers.
Pouring it out of the pan onto bread for "grilled cheese."
Used the last of it today making queso to go with homemade tortillas, rice and beans.

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