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I've decided I would like to be able to rock a pair of 2.5 inch, studded, bubblegum pink stiletto heels.

Unfortunately this requires practice, so if someone could be a dear and check in on me once a week to make sure I"m not a crumpled up corpse at the bottom of my stairs it would be very much appreciated, thank you.

I put on some music during my work training and let me tell you this HAIM x Tech Interview Prerequisites: Part 1 Module 2 mash-up is a banger.

I guess I'm just going to spend the rest of my damn life with the Persona 5 theme in my head, huh?

The loneliness got so intense that I posted a mournful personal ad, begging someone to hold me and just pretend they cared for the night.

A friend messaged me the next day.
"Uh, I care. I was literally flirting with you last night. I was laying it on pretty thick."
"I just thought you were enthused that you found a familiar face."
"I literally asked you if you wanted to take me home with you, and you laughed it off."
"I thought you wanted a ride and didn't realize I was volunteering until 3AM!"

I've just learned how to put up my hair in space buns and you can pry this look from my cold, dead bobby pins.

My girlfriend insists Face-Off isn't laden with gay subtext and I'm like, girl, did you even read the original manga?

Just a little platonic beckoning between friends, y'know?

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If you've ever wondered what kind of events could lead to someone not being able to process even the most basic flirting signals...

I once had a girl over who invited herself up to my bedroom, took off her clothes, jumped into my bed, beckoned me in and then revealed she wasn't interested in me.

I like the idea of getting a century plant tattoos all along one leg, because it kind of reminds me of me. You could live alongside it, never knowing that it's there, but then out of nowhere it just pops up huge and awe-inspiring and colorful, like something from a world where magic exists.

Also if you ignore it it will probably smash in your windshield.

🎶 Aces to left of me
Demis to the right
Here I am suck out on dates with no smooch 🎶

There was this moment during an outdoor event where I got up to grab us all some drinks, and returned to find my friends clustered on my blanket, leaving no room for me.

I'm tired of this feeling. I'm tired of giving my sapphire eyes and my gold leaf skin just to be tossed aside like a hunk of rusted metal. I'm tired of being made to feel like an outsider in my own community and my own home.

One day, just 60-72 weeks from now, I'll finally start on that sleeve...

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The awful transfeminine urge to get a bunch of cute tattoos but not being able to since you need to laser those areas first.

There was a piece in Autostraddle that has stuck with me so badly, where they talked about thin people's performative compliments. How they will "yas queen" and "🔥🔥🔥" in your comments, but would never consider dating you or even being friends with you because of your size.

I know it's physiologically impossible, but I swear my purple hair gets less vibrant when I'm feeling ill.

I also just realized I never shared my new piercings! I got another lobe and a helix done on both ears. I'm so happy with the placement (and extra happy for pillows with holes in them.)

Depression, a short play

ME (crying:) Goddamit, I'm such an unlikable sack of shit.
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Hey, do you think you would want to table during the big event we've been ramping up to all year? Everyone that showed up kept talking about you and how fun and lovely you were when you tabled at the fundraisers.
ME (furious at self:) Jesus, I can't believe I'm such a rotten pile of garbage that I somehow confused people into thinking I'm pleasant. I must be a real piece of work.

Got into house plants and put up a shelf for some in the bedroom. And what goes better with tropical plants than colorful decor... (CW: sex toys)

In nómine Matris et Botum Neptis et Spíritus Sensualis

Mental Health Pt. 2 (~) 

It feels really nice to have a name for this thing that's inside of me, but giving a tornado a name doesn't make it any less intense.

I have so much work ahead of me...

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