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Dumb lewd joke 

If you save a bunch of people from a burning sex club, does the mayor present you the key to the chastity cage of the city?

I tried making meeple stained glass cookies tonight! It was my first time and I was a bit heavy handed, so they came out a bit more bulletproof than stained. The candy was this rainbow pride one that my partner's ex sent her as a gift, which resulted in the weird tie-dye.

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@finn tumblr has perfected ads by removing the part where it's advertising a product or service that exists or makes sense

🎶 Hey I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my number
Is it wang maybe? 🎶

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I cleaned up some old electronics, and had enough shelf space to work on making this little display. It's three concrete vases with Doryphoros on the left and Venus on the right. Both are just full of greens, like ferns and hops. In the center in Hermaphroditus, who is instead bursting with a bouquet in beautiful, bright colors.

It's so nice, seeing a body that looks like my body as a work of art.

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girls drawing sexy girls: yes!! go off queen!!! hot! sexy!! TIDDY

guys drawing sexy girls: dude shut the fuck up no one cares

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Something very entertaining to do is read all the negative reviews for dollhouse accessories from people who thought the thing was going to be full size

Dumb lewd joke 

"Well spit on my asshole and call me mommy! I thought y'all said you weren't going to be able to make it to the church bake sale."

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1999: Hundreds of boys queuing up to go see The Matrix

2021: Hundreds of those same girls queuing up to go see The Matrix

Two of the plexiglass panels broke while dancing, and the thin metal ones were... well, a deeply unpleasant replacement. So tonight I got some half-inch mahogany plywood, operated a jigsaw for the first time, and did this.

I think at this point it has real Steam Steam Revolution Punk vibes.

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Waaaaait a minute... is nail glue just brush-on super glue?

I figured I'm not enough of a keyboard weirdo, so I decided to try learning Colemak.

I've was able to modify my keyboard firmware enough to let me tap my way back into QWERTY for emergencies, but after two days I now can't type well on either. 😅

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Trans, body stuff (++) 

Lately I've been waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and thinking, "ugh, these breast forms are a little much."

Then I remember I'm not wearing any and aaaaaaah! 💕😭

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my son, with this box of cables, adapters and dongles i've accumulated over my lifetime you will be able to connect anything to anything. use it wisely.

I legitimately can't tell if there's just so much nuance and detail that I don't understand about styling long hair, or if searching for haircut ideas online just leads to metric tons of randomly generated blog spam.

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Asking for Help, Cancer bills, Urgent, boosts+++ 

The bills keep piling in. We need help. Going through cancer treatment is scary enough without being in dept for more money than you've ever seen at once.

I don't know what else to do than keep asking.

We need to reach $10000 on the fundraiser to continue pay this (5304 at time of post, 4696 to go).

Paypals will be added to the gfm for transparency.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


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