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my son, with this box of cables, adapters and dongles i've accumulated over my lifetime you will be able to connect anything to anything. use it wisely.

I legitimately can't tell if there's just so much nuance and detail that I don't understand about styling long hair, or if searching for haircut ideas online just leads to metric tons of randomly generated blog spam.

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Asking for Help, Cancer bills, Urgent, boosts+++ 

The bills keep piling in. We need help. Going through cancer treatment is scary enough without being in dept for more money than you've ever seen at once.

I don't know what else to do than keep asking.

We need to reach $10000 on the fundraiser to continue pay this (5304 at time of post, 4696 to go).

Paypals will be added to the gfm for transparency.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


"I didn't realize you were a detective."
"Oh, I'm not. They just call me a private dick because I'm saving myself for the Lord."

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If there is an html dom, is there a css sub?

Fun Food 

I grabbed three interesting popsicles while I was running errands.

Salted Egg Yolk & Boba: Ooh, it's kind of like a custard popsicle. Frozen boba are, by the by, spectacular. Though I think Brown Sugar Bubble Tea pops are better.

Mango, Pomelo & Sago: This is my freaking *jam.* The mango is almost too sweet, but every now and then you get a hint of bitter and crunchy.

Matcha, Grape & Cheese: Why, god, why! Who dipped this in D-grade matcha? Why is the cheese just at the bottom?

Hey, I just met you
And this crazy
But I'm Memento
Hey, I just me you

Hey, I just met me
And this is crazy
No paradox now
New timeline, maybe?

I was running errands when I found myself next to a Daiso and thought, "hell yeah, that looks fun." I found the most perfect little magnetic capsule that's just the right size to hold a few sticks of chalk on our chalkboard fridge. 10/10, good day so far.

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so yea i forked mstdn-ebooks (since it's unmaintained) and did some bug fixing + cleanup + added some features !!

if anyone wants to set up their own ebooks bot, the most maintained (probably) version is here!~

I did at least lace them and get some toe caps on. They're so pretty. 😭

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I did in fact order skates, which were going to arrive on my Friday off...
But then they got delayed

Okay, but the next day they made it, and I was going to try them on after boardgaming...
But then our last game ran long and didn't end until 11:30 PM.

So today is the day. I put on my cute suspender skirt and a shirt I wouldn't mind hitting the pavement in. My roller skate-themed undies, of course. It is was the perfect time to jam...
But then it started raining.

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Do not ass for whom the gas grass; it rides for free

"Who wrote that song about getting caught cheating on the counter?"
"It wasn't him. No, the one where he's banging on the sofa."
"It wasn't him. You know, where he even had her in the shower?"
"It wasn't him."

The morning was surprisingly stressful, so I decided to postpone studying and try a new nail technique. Not half bad for my first time striping. The green is the Zelda-inspired "A Hero Will Rise" by Color Spectrum Polish and the gold is "Million Mille Hues" by Essie.

Honestly until comic books give Spiderman's costume a hole in the ass where the web comes out of they'll never leave the realm of picture books for children.

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GoFundMe, Cancer, Boosts appreciated 

While the news is very good, even good news is expensive.


#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid

"Joan, it's Mark, in graphic design."
"Just wanted to confirm some details for this design."
"Hit me."
"It says in the spec that they want blood red and sulfurous yellow. Well those are already taken by our parent company, so would blue and green be okay?"
"Sure, yeah."
"And one last thing... It's 'evilCore'? Not, like, 'evoCare'?"
"Huh... I'm almost positive it is but... Just to be safe can we split the difference for now and I'll get back to you?"

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