Went to see Blue Lapis Light last night, with my ex, her father and a friend. It was such a lovely time. Honestly seeing two women defy gravity and leap hundreds of feet to grasp each other in mid air, their hair and skirts ruffling in the breeze, might have made me like 10% gayer.

Jesus, Jeff, how have they not taken away your license yet?

(CW: eye contact)

Ooh, my order from Dildopolis is here! But did I go too small...

Also this lad, who absolutely did not match the prompt but I love him

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Okay, this may be the best AI generated art for a boardgame yet. This child will haunt me.

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Okay, the first and last of these are possibly my favorites. I don't think the third captures the vibe of the game, but I would 100% read the YA fantasy romance novel it's the cover for.

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I also had some fun generating the cover art for those playlists last night using an art AI. Can you figure out which game is which?

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I finally got around to dusting off my old Raspberry Pi and getting home automation up and running in my new place. I got the urge to do something very silly, and, well...

The DnD vibe controller! It lets you play three handy playlists on the gaming table speaker, one for adventuring, one for taverns, and one for combat, all at the push of a button. And adjust the volume too, in case I'd been cranking my tunes before.

Honestly though I'm pretty happy with them. Nice and short when curly, but still sized right for straightening.

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I gave mini painting a shot today and I'm pretty pleased! I didn't want to start on anything I care about, like the character for my new DnD group, so I grabbed a zombie out of a so-so boardgame box.

You ever have an idea that's just so stupid, *so* stupid that you have to try it? So I saw someone mixing miniature paint with a big vibrating tabletop device... (CW: sex toys)

Sex Toys 

Also while we're at if, look at these colorful lil' guys.

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Don't worry, I have a pair of backup shoes that are equally fucking awesome.

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