My mom asked how my day was going and I told her I'm starting two new meds...

I may have decided to get myself a little present to celebrate the bedroom being unpacked.

I'm nothing if not dedicated, so here is one week's worth of unpacking. I was so busy moving that I forgot it was my birthday. What better motivation to unpack than throwing your own housewarming slash birthday slash amateur porn film festival screening night.

Went a little spicy on the nail art on account of an upcoming date this week.

(CW: tiny nudity & rope bondage)

Oh my god, the mechanism actually worked. I can't believe it actually worked. It still needs text and I might need bigger envelopes too.

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There has been a unicorn update. The big boi was such a good size that I wanted one for myself. It appears there was an *even larger size* and I somehow accidentally ordered it.

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The sins continued. This time I injected eggs with sauces and soft-boiled them into the yolks. These are the results.

Cholula: surprisingly hard to inject, but it did flavor the yolk. A waterier sauce would be better. ❗

Cholula Mayo: too thick to inject. ❌

Brie: The memory of shoving brie into a syringe will haunt me until I die. Too thick, but flavorful. ⁉️

Worcestershire: Easiest to inject. Not my favorite flavor, but shows promise. Maybe try with soy? ⭕

(CW: syringes in images)

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So they changed my med dose and the syringes I have are too big. I looked for a local harm reduction place do donate them to, but none are currently accepting needles. So I had one idea left for how to use them...

(CW: syringe in images)

So a quick hop onto the internet later and I realize there's a special edition jumbo sized one. Clearly this must be what I had accidentally purchased, right?

Oh, so wrong.

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I didn't want her to go without her favorite, but there's no way in hell I'm giving him up. But I found him in a store years ago, and didn't have many details. So I jumped on their site, found the biggest one in her favorite color, and... well it was a little disappointing.

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I have a little post-breakup story for you kids.

My ex had essentially adopted one of my stuffies, and cuddled him every night. Understandably, as they were the perfect snuggling size. This is him.

Here is a still photo from this morning, in case video on Mastodon is still a crapshoot, though the streak is a bit more diffuse.

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I have really not been keeping y'all posted on my nail painting journey. I did these last night, with the theme "aurora borealis." It's a magnetic green jelly polish, with snowy mountains stamped on the center two nails. The magnetic stripe is high up and flat on those center ones, so it wiggles up and down as your nails shift, while still staying up the in the sky.

Tried a new recipe tonight!
Sadly tasting them will have to wait until morning.

Food, cookies 

Continuing my newfound habit of having homemade cookies around. This time I made black raspberry jammy dodgers.

I tried making meeple stained glass cookies tonight! It was my first time and I was a bit heavy handed, so they came out a bit more bulletproof than stained. The candy was this rainbow pride one that my partner's ex sent her as a gift, which resulted in the weird tie-dye.

I cleaned up some old electronics, and had enough shelf space to work on making this little display. It's three concrete vases with Doryphoros on the left and Venus on the right. Both are just full of greens, like ferns and hops. In the center in Hermaphroditus, who is instead bursting with a bouquet in beautiful, bright colors.

It's so nice, seeing a body that looks like my body as a work of art.

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