Big titty girls, I call on you in this time of need! I come to you on my knees, begging for guidance in the ways of eating safely. How can I tackle a soup or a shakshouka or a particularly juicy burger again without The Great Chest Staining?

I don't know why my first instinct was to go all "I've blown the Horn of Gondor." Look, I'm high on post-breakfast Tide pen fumes and haven't had my cold brew yet.

@OhHeyItsAlexis Hah, good luck. I have to either eat leaning forward significantly, or eat in such a way that I can hold a plate up over my chest to catch drips. With soup this means waiting for the bowl to get cool enough that I can hold it in one hand. Burgers are the most difficult.

@welshpixie @OhHeyItsAlexis Use spoons with a deeper bowl, don't quite fill them, and wipe the back against the dish before lifting to your mouth. Start eating a burger by leaning over.. nibble or lick off any bits extending from the bun. Keep rotating it as you eat, keeping an eye out for any rogue drips. You can start taking normal bites after a while, but stay watchful. These lower the risk, but not to zero. Zero risk = designated drippy shirt/smock.

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