If you're wondering what medical gatekeeping looks like, my surgical center requires, for trans women seeking an orchiectomy:
* living as a woman more than a year
* on hormones more than a year
* a letter from a therapist you've seen over a year confirming gender dysphoria
* a letter a 2nd mental health professional with a doctorate degree confirming gender dysphoria
* a letter from a doctor prescribing hormones

If you're a cis dude:
* a letter from a therapist confirming you don't want balls


Y'all motherfuckers boosting this means Nazis are now reply-guying me all "but I don't want to lose my balls." Dudes straight out here thinking they're going to step on a loose roller skate and Mr. Bean their way into rolling through a therapist's office, getting covered in nut yeeting consent forms, then landing dick-first on a surgical table.


I don't know if you've seen this reboot of Mr. Magoo, but it's like, -way- darker than you might think.

@Hayling Uh no, does he whoopsie-doopsie his way into getting a Mr. Magussy?


Oh, no, Mr. Magoo never has consequences for his actions, that's the whole bit.

... his nephew tho...


(Also, I acknowledge "Mr. Magussy", accept it, and allow it to pass thru me.)

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