If you're wondering what medical gatekeeping looks like, my surgical center requires, for trans women seeking an orchiectomy:
* living as a woman more than a year
* on hormones more than a year
* a letter from a therapist you've seen over a year confirming gender dysphoria
* a letter a 2nd mental health professional with a doctorate degree confirming gender dysphoria
* a letter from a doctor prescribing hormones

If you're a cis dude:
* a letter from a therapist confirming you don't want balls

Y'all motherfuckers boosting this means Nazis are now reply-guying me all "but I don't want to lose my balls." Dudes straight out here thinking they're going to step on a loose roller skate and Mr. Bean their way into rolling through a therapist's office, getting covered in nut yeeting consent forms, then landing dick-first on a surgical table.

@OhHeyItsAlexis That list is clearly intended solely as a deterrent, there can't be any legitimate justification for such an obstacle course

@DelphineUnseen Or it's a conspiracy by Big Therapy, pulling the strings behind the scene to eke out some extra copayments 😉

@OhHeyItsAlexis @DelphineUnseen gatekeepers love building obstacle courses for their small target patient groups that literally make you crazy, and if you don't comply, well, then they can declare you crazy

@DelphineUnseen @OhHeyItsAlexis most of trans healthcare doesn't have any legitimate justification, but very few are willing to anything to fix things.

@DelphineUnseen @OhHeyItsAlexis One thing seems to be that trans “healtcare” providers are more concerned about the ~0.5% who detrans than letting the 99.5% have proper treatment.

@beatahei @DelphineUnseen @OhHeyItsAlexis we need new marketing that relables detransitioning as retransitioning, making them double trans

@meena @DelphineUnseen @OhHeyItsAlexis it does need such rebranding indeed. Unlike terfs ja GIS clinic think, not everyone detransitioning thinks they made a mistake they regret. At least in Finland transition and retransition is the only way to get ~any treatment as enby.

@OhHeyItsAlexis do they actually think someone is going to be like, actually wait… later on down the road?

@exsangus @OhHeyItsAlexis it's always possible but they let most adults just make decisions and take the responsibility that they might regret it later
Tattoos, for example, can be gotten while someone is literally intoxicated you shouldn't be allowed to have those procedures conducted whatsoever unless there is a legitimate medical need


I don't know if you've seen this reboot of Mr. Magoo, but it's like, -way- darker than you might think.

@Hayling Uh no, does he whoopsie-doopsie his way into getting a Mr. Magussy?


Oh, no, Mr. Magoo never has consequences for his actions, that's the whole bit.

... his nephew tho...


(Also, I acknowledge "Mr. Magussy", accept it, and allow it to pass thru me.)

@OhHeyItsAlexis all the same here, but add an additional year or two, plus 4 more years before you can even join the final waiting list you require for treatment.
It's also just as bad for voice feminising surgery.

@OhHeyItsAlexis Yeah, that's the same list of things I have to gather, essentially, to apply to the Government of Ontario to have my GRS covered. I have a two-hour interview with the 2nd mental health professional in like... six months? Ish? (Date not set yet, but that's when they told me they'd be able to get me in.) I have no idea what they're going to ask me for two hours. It's nerve wracking. Plus at the end of the years-long process it'll probably get denied for BMI anyway.

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