The company LGBT group meets for lunch every two weeks, but it can be awkward spotting which table we're actually at. I bought some little tabletop flag stands, so we can be easier to spot.

I have yet to figure out if I just want to use inclusive rainbow flags, or if I want to try and get mini flags for every different identity so we can look like a meeting of the Gay Model UN.

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"The people of Sapphica have traditionally been uninvolved in matters regarding the global hung top supply, as we long ago transitioned to strap-based sources. Due to the critical shortages in our ally nation of Acchiles, we are proposing to begin exporting 2% of our butchest tops as well as 6% of our excess harness supplies. In exchange we hope to see a 3% tariff reduction in moving van exports from our neighboring nations, as well as clarification as to whether or not we are, in fact, dating."

@OhHeyItsAlexis I would absolutely be more likely to come over to a table that had a tiny gay UN!

Partly because I'd be wondering if you were playing tiny gay Risk.

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