I was looking for potting soil in the the floral section of my local grocery store. Instead I found hammocks.

I am now incredibly excited about this.

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Hanging it off my balcony, on the ground floor. Enjoying the shade of the balcony, a beverage on a little side table, the privacy behind the fence.

Hanging it off the balcony railings, outside my bedroom door. Bathing in the moonlight before bed, reading until I get sleepy.

Now I just need to confront my fear of sleep cocoons...

@OhHeyItsAlexis We recently got a free-standing hammock for the back yard, and although it's heavily influenced by weather in terms of utility, it's so lovely to use when it's nice out.

@OhHeyItsAlexis YAY HAMMOCK!!! Also, you look super adorable *and* extremely pretty.

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