I have a little post-breakup story for you kids.

My ex had essentially adopted one of my stuffies, and cuddled him every night. Understandably, as they were the perfect snuggling size. This is him.

I didn't want her to go without her favorite, but there's no way in hell I'm giving him up. But I found him in a store years ago, and didn't have many details. So I jumped on their site, found the biggest one in her favorite color, and... well it was a little disappointing.

So a quick hop onto the internet later and I realize there's a special edition jumbo sized one. Clearly this must be what I had accidentally purchased, right?

Oh, so wrong.

There has been a unicorn update. The big boi was such a good size that I wanted one for myself. It appears there was an *even larger size* and I somehow accidentally ordered it.


You have to stop. It's time to stop. You are my friend and I am worried about your increasing Unicorn usage.

@Hayling I'm fine, I can quit whenever I want. *looks up "beds sorted by unicorn capacity"*

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