I have really not been keeping y'all posted on my nail painting journey. I did these last night, with the theme "aurora borealis." It's a magnetic green jelly polish, with snowy mountains stamped on the center two nails. The magnetic stripe is high up and flat on those center ones, so it wiggles up and down as your nails shift, while still staying up the in the sky.

Here is a still photo from this morning, in case video on Mastodon is still a crapshoot, though the streak is a bit more diffuse.


This is excellent work, don't get me wrong, but the fact that they look green in stills and purple in motion is fucking me up. [X]-D

@Hayling Ooooh, I didn't even notice but yeah, it does take on a kind of bluish purple at certain angles. A lot of these polishes I've been getting into are absolute mindfucks.


@Hayling Like this one from a few weeks ago, that is somehow black and gold and also purple?

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