Really digging this new convertible pillow at Ikea. I too frequently find myself lounging on my couch when I realize, "gosh, I really wish I could start a cult, but what ever will I wear when I preach to my star children?"

@OhHeyItsAlexis When I see our cats lie down anywhere for a nap: "I wish I could be my own pillow too"
My wish has come true!

@OhHeyItsAlexis uncountably many times have I looked at my sleeping bag and sighed, “why does this not have any sleeves?”
No more.

Years ago, Bundeswehr (German army) sleeping bags had sleeves, bc they were convertible to a parker. We were so glad, they exchanged them with mummy shaped. You miss the 'oven effect' with sleeves.


@s0 @OhHeyItsAlexis we had a blanket with sleeves (purchased from an op shop for a fresco party). Let me tell you, it was so good my wife and I fought over who got to use it.

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