I've just realized that I should be able to play Need For Speed: Underground via Dolphin on my phone and I guess I can just uninstall every other game now.

Do *not* forget to say the hypens out loud when you make genie wishes. Otherwise your big-ass titties are going to monkey's paw into big ass-titties.

It seems that at some point cheap keyboard keycap manufacturers realized that they can get more hits by calling all plastic keys "resin keys" without it, y'know, technically being untrue.

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Today at work I overheard one coworker ask another if he'd seen "the microphone that came with Mr. Microphone" and then a few minutes later, he found the microphone that came with Mr. Microphone, and it was "all sticky"

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Very dumb lewd gaming joke 

I mean, I'm not trying to kink shame, but are you 100% sure y'all need to make a whole world just for rimming?

Put on some glow in the dark nail polish for the first time and I think my partner might kick me out of the house.

In my defense wouldn't you also spent 30 minutes in bed pretending your fingers were glowing monster teeth and trying to take bites out of things?

Oh no... big bowl of lunch curry... you have... betrayed me...
*falls asleep on keyboard*

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you know, google image search, these aren't quite what i expected to find, but i accept them gladly into my life.

If anyone has suggestions for removing the paint, please let me know. I tried acetone and it fogged up the plexi real bad (with a bunch stubbornly still stuck on.) I also had Simple Green suggested, as my partner uses it to strip minis, but it didn't seem to penetrate.

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Alright! All of the plexiglass panels are free of their glued-on padding. If you ever find yourself in this same scenario:
1. slash the metal conductive tape as much as possible, to make it permeable
2. coat completely with Goo-Gone and let it rest for an hour
3. the foam should peel off easily, leaving the adhesive behind
4. scrape the remaining adhesive and stubborn bits with a plastic razor blade (they're amazing, if you haven't heard of them)

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I plan on taking the paint off the plastic panels too, and using them as a place to keep all of the stickers I've been slowly collecting. Here is the left arrow graphics panel! This goes behind the plastic, so it should be safe from shoes.

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Ahhh! My friends were able to get the DDR pad in the morning and then bring it up during their planned visit that night. Time to make a kick-ass lil's dancing platform.

So far I've...
* disassembled it
* torn out the wiring
* started scraping off the glued on foam
* picked up replacement foam pads

Y'all, today's travel day was such a shit show that, like... sweet Jesus.

It took me 14.5 hours to fly from Texas to Utah.

Flying a week for business, early flight. Sitting at the airport and it's time for meds. The pill case opened up in my bag. My estradiol spilled out everywhere. 😱

On one hand I really should follow our naming conventions and call this class HashMaker, but on the other hand I should call it WaffeHouse.

Our friends are out of town and asked us to take care of their home composting setup while they're gone. Shredding up a petition to fund the police and feeding it to worms so they can shit it out is deeply cathartic.

The current plan is:
* Disassemble, clean & hammer bent metal plates back into a shape
* (Hopefully soon) Rewire with a Teensy and force-sensitive resistors (the same tech in those 1.2k$ pads!)
* (Eventually) sticker over the arrow art, giving me a huge surface area to collect stickers that keeps them safe and I can look at every day.
* (Next time I can afford it) wire in some RGB LED lights below the buttons and reprogram the Teensy to blink them on your steps and let you customize 'em

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I've found a "for-parts" hard pad a few towns over, where some friends live, and I'm trying to wrangle things together so I can hopefully pick it up for incredibly cheap.

I should be able to refurbish it with some more modern components as well, and then have a project I can work on over a few months...

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