This song is off their new, unreleased album, which means this 15 second long clip is all I have, and I have listened to it so many times that the grooves in my MP4 are worn.

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It's strange that an ounce of flesh can be the source of so much suffering.

I felt like getting fancy tonight so I made fresh pasta from scratch...

...then tossed it in microwaved queso

I sacrificed my family to the Lord of Darkness and all I got was this lousy cultist robe.

Was at event featuring trans bluegrass artist Creekbed Carter Hogan and, y'all, I was *sobbing.*

"I am closer now, than I'll ever be, to the shape and form of eternity."

My therapist wanted to try this approach called "internal family systems," where you personify the voices in your head, to try and understand their motivations and patterns. "Does that sound like something you want to try?"

"I mean, I literally described how I wanted to smash a bottle on the bar, drag my brain to the corner by its hair, and tell it to try and say that shit again to my face, so I'm pretty sure it's a perfect fit."

"They've rewired the gyroscopic matrix to connect to the bit store via a quantum algorithm."
"My god, do you know what this means?"
"If you die in the game... you die in Second Life."

Can you use a, uh, wand-style back massager so much that you injure a muscle? Asking for a friend.

When you're so tired that you get a notification from the engineering employee group asking about creating specific Angular breaks, but you think it's the trans employee group asking about how to create specifically angular breasts.

"Number 12!"
"Uh, hi, I was hoping to file for a name change, but I'm not sure which is the right form."
"No problem. Is this due to a marriage?"
"Gender identity conflict?"
"Parents killed by mobsters and you're being adopted by a shadowy organization?"
"Were your cells exposed to concentrated nuclear fission causing a reversion from frost to iced based powers or vice-versa?"
"Did you collect the final energy stone awaken your true form?"
"That's the one!"

I tried smaller sizes, which only make it to my narrow hips, which would roll right on down. I tried bigger sizes, which actually make it up over my tummy to my waist, but those are falling down too.

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This was an issue I has pre-transition, so it's not like cut doesn't work. Boxers or briefs, both tight and loose, would just start slowly rolling their way down.

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Okay, very serious cry for help: how the *fuck* do I keep my underpants from falling down?

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I am being flooded with nostalgia watching this this film. The first time I saw the musical was with a non-practicing Jewish partner, who was absolutely baffled hearing the plot of the Messianic Cinematic Universe for the first time.

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There are a truly surprising amount of machine guns in Jesus Christ Superstar.

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I really thought my pizza would arrive in time to dilute the wine I was drinking, but alas it did not. Which means that the decision to watch Jesus Christ Superstar tonight is 100% Domino's fault.

Just calling dibs on the trans band name "Astro Jenny and the Valerates."

The year is 3032, just before the cyber-crash, as the world acknowledges the independence of Greenland. Panic sets in amongst the populace, as their digital infrastructure was not built to accommodate the world that was coming. Developers scramble to replace the boolean they'd be using to represent countries. Millions of pages are forced to be updated, it longer sufficient to say "check yes if Latin Sea-Canadia, leave unchecked if Eurafricasian Union."

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Look, I'm as anti-imperialist as they come, but you've got to admit it'd be easier to fill out forms if the drop down had, 3, maybe 4 options max.

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